In 2003, playing off a 2 handicap, I won our golf club championship for the second time in three years. In a moment of inspiration, born out of a conversation with a friend, I decided I needed to answer the question "How good could I get as a golfer, if I played every day for six months?"

I took a sabbatical from my career, cashed-in my savings and flew half way across the world to South Africa to find out. Within a few weeks, I'd joined the "Sunshine Tour" and was teeing it up in professional events.

I traded personal fears, a large chunk of money and the potential to 'damage' my career in financial services for - what well-meaning friends and family called - a "pipedream."

Was it scary? Sure it was.

Uncertainty is what stops most of us. With the benefit of hindsight, it was easily one of the most important events in my life. I was literally living my dream.

On my return to the UK, my mother - who was then 58 - was diagnosed with dementia. A year later, she was in full time nursing care, unable even to feed herself. She died in that nursing home at 63, and I often wonder if she got to do all the things she ever dreamed of doing, before it was too late. I hope she did.

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